DADDY HOLE (2016) / Arcade Computer Game by Paul Noble
Music Composer / Sound Design

On different occasions the monolith has appeared as an obscure impression, in a darkened theatre, projected upon the screen, or seated upon the mount, overseeing the road that leads to the sea. No longer an indefinite memory, it finally materialises itself as folly and oracle; a prophecy whose counsel is a console, a computer game where the fate of DADDY SANDCASTLE or SANDY DADDY or SANDY HOLE or BABY BLACK HOLE DADDY rests upon your dexterity.

For this exhibition, Paul Noble presents the first realisation of a project he has been working on for ten years. With programming assistance from Phillip Hennessey, Noble has designed a 2D computer game named DADDY HOLE, within a custom-built arcade game cabinet, and invites the public to try it out.

Sawa participated as music composer and sound design.

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